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You already know that investing in diamonds is a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. They represent high returns, are virtually crisis proof and even have great emotional value. But how do I go about adding the right pink diamond to my investment portfolio? What should you pay attention to during the purchase process?

How can I get familiar with the basics?

Start at the beginning and with white diamonds, this is with the 4Cs. If you have seen a coloured diamond then be sure to ask specifically about this as well. This is because colourless and coloured diamonds are very different types of diamonds. With both types, you will have to pay attention to very different things and therefore you will also purchase them for different purposes.

What budget should I set?

Please note that any investment in pink diamonds will be as part of your total investment portfolio. Decide on the relationship that your diamond will represent in relation to the rest and stick with this.

How can I diversify?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are planning an investment of AU$20,000 or more consider spreading your money across a maximum of 4 diamonds.  Be careful to choose different diamonds of varying characteristics. Looking for a pink diamond? Be sure to select another colour as well. Also, you can choose different shapes or vary the clarity or intensity of colour so each diamond is unique

What price do I choose?

Pink diamonds are not stocks. The price is not set by thousands of buyers and sellers who place offers online on a platform. However, it is possible to compare the different prices of diamonds online until you find the one that fits your budget and portfolio goals.

How can I buy a rare pink diamond?

It doesn’t make much sense to invest in something everyone already has. Selling will be difficult if the supply in the market is large and competes with many other suppliers. However, a rare coloured pink diamond will allow you to play in another league. Natural pink diamonds are rarer, well sought after, and as a result, also relatively simpler to find in the right market.

Why buy a certified pink diamond?

Point blank, if you want to sell your diamond in the future, this is about buyer confidence. While Argyle grades the diamonds from their mine, and have high standards for which diamond will receive an Argyle inscription, the GIA is the best known international grading lab with the highest standards. Diamonds with a GIA certificate, in addition to any authentication documents from the Argyle mine, means that when it comes time to sell your diamond, your buyer (or their bank) will be assured the diamond is of the quality described on the certificate.

Why buy loose pink diamonds?

You can choose to buy your investment pink diamonds set in jewellery. Be mindful this can affect the price both positively and negatively. On the one hand, the craftsmanship of the jeweller may increase the value and reputation of the diamond, while, on the other hand, individual tastes can play against you when it comes to selling. So be sure to go for a timeless unset stone for the easiest resale possible.

Ask the right questions. We here at Pink Diamonds Hobart live in an age of “sharing”. Our experienced diamond investors are here to help you with additional advice for investing in rare pink diamonds.