Pink Diamonds Brisbane

Brisbane Pink Diamond Investments

The pink diamond is, above all, a fantastic gemstone . Some international celebrities have increased the desire for these precious stones that are rare and difficult to find and for which you have to pay a very high price.

Its pink color is due to the presence to a greater or lesser extent of nitrogen in its structure during its formation, this causes the stone to compress and acquire this much desired pink tone.

Everything you need to know about pink diamond investments in Brisbane

Chemically the diamond is pure, that is, perfect and transparent, without any hue or color. But the reality is different, almost no natural diamond is absolutely perfect. 

Most transparent diamonds are cheaper if they have yellow tones, while pink or blue diamonds are noticeably more expensive than transparent ones. Scientifically diamonds are classified into two main types depending on the nature of their imperfections and how these affect the absorption of light.

Although the tones seem to mix, the diamond cutters distinguish them perfectly. In fact. Pink has become a refuge value in the world of diamonds due to its rarity and price, it is the favorite of collectors and professionals in the sector.

Pink diamonds can be highly valuable, to give you an idea, with similar characteristics, pink will be 10 or 100 times more expensive than a white diamond. The choice of a pink diamond is guided by the personality of the color and its declinations, depending on the degree of saturation it acquires different names such as: fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy purplish-pink, and fancy vivid pink.

Is an investment in pink diamonds profitable?

If you want to buy pink diamonds as an investment you naturally want to know how profitable it is going to be in the long run, it is important that you keep in mind the fact that diamonds are a long term investment. Do they have a guaranteed profit? Pink diamonds are a natural product and therefore also exhaustible.

We will reach a point where it will be impossible from a financial, physical and geological point of view to continue digging in the mines. This impending shortage means that while the value of your diamond may fluctuate, it may increase over time.

What Makes Pink Diamond a Crisis-Proof Investment?

It goes without saying that pink diamonds also lose a bit of their value during a global crisis. But generally, these gems have been observed to be very resistant to inflation and market collapse. Additionally, the durability of these fantastic stones has ensured that buying diamonds as an investment is one of the safest investment purchases possible.