How High Could The Price of Natural Fancy Colored Pink Diamonds Rise

The isometric crystal structure of all diamonds begins about a hundred miles into the piles of the earth’s core. Similar to cakes, it is the secret ingredient that makes the customer stick. In this case, it is pink diamonds. Though, it is hard to tell, how many types of colours of diamonds exist in the world.

In recent years, prices of pink diamonds have hit all time highs, making them a favourite pick for investors and big names who wish to associate their names with stature. Celebrities too, also fancy class and style hence considers these investment diamonds.

Consequently, the dwindle in the supply of this precious stone indicates a continuous rise in the prices.

Pink Diamonds Prices Principle

Pink Diamonds Prices Principle

Typically, whether fancy coloured or lucid, the diamond principle depicts that the rarer the diamond, the more expensive it becomes. There is no standard set of predestined annotations dictating the prices of different diamonds. You find that each type of diamond commands different pricing as per how regular or rare they are.

Pink diamonds fall in the category of the rarest set of diamonds in the world. The Australian pink diamonds are the most quarried, specifically in one of the biggest miners in the country. Argyle diamond mine is estimated to produce over 90% of the worlds’ pink diamonds annually.

Due to this excessive demand against limited supply the mine issued a closure notice by 2020. The unfortunate turn of events will lead to a further surge in pink diamond prices. This news has received mixed reactions as some people see this as a shuttering of their pink dream while the money-minded see it as a goldmine. The main reason why pink diamonds are considered so valuable.

The rareness of Pink Diamonds

Coming down to statistics on the rareness of pink diamonds, you see that the high prices of pink diamonds are greatly linked to an increasing influx of investors, an increasing number of online sellers linked to diamonds, and the immense shut down of its manufacture.

A report released by Argyle Diamond Investments says that upon a comparison of pink diamonds to other diamond forms, we see out of every 100% diamond mining in a span of 10 years, less than 2% is the pink diamond. The rest consists of brown, yellow, or colourless in nature.

Are Pink Diamonds A Good Investment?

Are Pink Diamonds A Good Investment?

In recent years, pink diamonds were mainly bought for weddings and engagement rings. However, this factor changed with the current market trends indicating a 26% rise of SMSF and the rich investors around the world who are all seeking to make a financial investment in pink diamonds. On a large scale, their quest for pink diamonds for money did away with matters of the heart only putting profit into consideration.

Are pink diamonds considered investment diamonds? Back in 2002, a carats’ cost was roughly $ 13,000. Today, the same piece goes for over a thousand US dollars. The light ink category, for instance, has seen an annual increase of up to 20% in the last decade alone. Banks in Australia are reporting a steep rise in investors of the pink diamond.

Are you looking to make money? Pink diamonds, often considered a haven, comes with a string of advantages and benefits of ploughed back profit, class, and stature. These precious stones are carefully customised into favourable sizes and designs such that you can comfortably carry then around. Walking around with an expensive asset tends to be fulfilling.

Major Factors Impacting Diamond Prices


The number one factor most clients look out for is the genesis. Was the pink diamond formed naturally or was it lab-engineered? Today, as a result of the imbalance of demand and supply of the commodity, engineers have taken it to themselves to put technology into good use. This is achieved by exposing colourless diamonds to high temperatures and pressure to give them a pink pigmentation.

The reality remains that the naturally formed pink diamonds remain more expensive as compared to their lab counterparts. How do you tell them apart? This may be challenging for buyers new to this field. An advanced research program led by GIA has tools and experts that can easily tell the difference between a natural and a lab-engineered pink diamond.

Always ensure to make an informed purchase which is normally accompanied by a certification from a trusted gemological institute.


Another key player in determining the value of this stone is its colour. A pink diamond’s hue saturation plays a big role in determining its selling price. All these facts will be gathered by the gemological institute experts on the ground.

How many businessmen do you meet in town having a pink suit or shirt on? A handful, right? Pink is normally associated with a class. Therefore, the rarity of pink diamonds colour and obviously, the deep coloured ones command the highest prices. Fancy pink is the best pink diamond in the market.

Also, pink diamonds lacking a secondary hue are hard to come by and as a result very expensive. Note that if the secondary hue is slightly violet, they still fetch a high figure upon purchase. On the contrary, if the diamond contains a secondary shade such as yellow, this lowers the pricing.


Clarity as a parameter indicates the quality of the respective diamond. It is vital in convincing clients and fetching the prices. It is determined by the extent of reflection and shining when a bright special light is held to the gem as well as the degree of defects present in the diamond itself. It ranks third because of the less effect it has on the price as compared to colour and origin.

On the I3 and VS1 level scale, you will notice that Australian pink diamonds edge all the other colours in terms of light penetration and sparkle.


This parameter highly depends on the craftsmanship of the polisher to bring out the rare qualities people look for in pink diamonds.

Does it have a uniform shape? Is the colour deep enough? Does the size deceive its actual weight? If you see all these features working together in a piece of pink diamond, then it means the polisher did exemplary work in bringing out the best in the rare stone with apt finishing.


Shape works together with the cutting aspect. Different shapes in diamonds affect how it reflects and bring out the pure pink diamond colour.

A round shape mostly used with white diamonds is not advisable due to colour reasons as pink diamonds rise in prices with the deepness of a rich fancy pink hue. Pink diamonds mostly come in oval, pear, and the heart for lovers.

Final Word on Pink Diamonds

Final Word on Pink Diamonds

We could not stress enough the increase on the prices of pink diamonds, let alone the investment opportunities that go alongside it. In the meantime, for more facts on pink diamonds, feel free to contact us where our professionals will guide you every step of the way on your journey to investing or acquiring the pink diamond!

Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd offers pink diamonds for sale which come in all shapes and sizes as well as investment advice that can cater to your specific investment need and desire.

Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd are Australia’s largest supplier of Australian certified pink diamonds and have exclusive use of the Australian Pink Diamond Analytics program. This program is a data driven decision maker that tracks and statistically analyses the rarity, financial growth and value of all investment grade pink and blue diamonds. With this valuable information, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd can offer all clients an investment grade pink from $5,000AUD up. But, the highest growth diamonds, are the larger, stronger colour pinks starting from around $20,000AUD plus.


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