A Layman’s Guide To Buying Pink Diamonds

Everything from shapes, shades, and price

Pink diamonds are much sought after these days. Their popularity and mass appeal is increasing by the day. However, unfortunately, these are also stones about which there is very little information. There are so many shades, varieties, choices, and price bands that it is easy to get confused or, we dare say, even ripped-off. Such a situation may lead to a bad purchase or you may end up with gemstone that isn’t actually a pink diamond at all.

Here’s an all-you-need-to-know guide about pink diamonds that will prepare you for your exciting experience shopping for the coloured diamonds.

It’s all about the colour

It’s all about the colour When it comes to pink diamonds, the shade is measured as per the intensity and depth of the colour of the diamond. There is the main pink/red hue and then there is a secondary colour or tone which can be orange, brown, purple, blue, and others. The shade of a pink diamonds is:

• Light
• Very Light
• Fancy
• Fancy Light
• Faint
• Intense

It can be difficult for a layman to gauge the intensity of the colour, at times, it is difficult even for a seasoned professional. So it isn’t unreasonable to consult a diamond expert to make sure that you are getting the right value for your money.

As a general rule, the richer and more saturated the colour, the better looking and more expensive the gem is. This is the case with most coloured diamonds.

Photos can tell the true story

You should always buy pink, or for that matter any coloured, diamonds from a vendor that has high resolution photos available. There can be a lot of variation in the colours even with a specific GIA colour grade. In addition, the colour of a raw stone can be significantly different from one that has been cast in a piece of jewellery.

Why are diamonds expensive

Colourless diamonds are valued based on 4Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat) whereas coloured diamonds, including pink diamonds, are valued in relation to their colour. The price of the pink diamonds largely depends on their colour combinations. For example, a pink diamond with a purple hue will command a higher price than a pink diamond with a brownish hue. As a rule of thumb, the higher the colour intensity of the diamond, the higher will be its value. If the secondary colour in a pink diamond is even rarer, then the price of the diamond will be exceptionally higher.

How does the pricing work

When it comes to coloured diamonds, variations of colour and their intensity affects the price. For example, the price of a fancy light pink diamond will be considerably less than a diamond with a fancy pink hue due to the difference in intensity. On the other hand, a jump to fancy intense pink from fancy pink will generally not make much of a difference in price.

The secondary tone of the diamond can also affect the price. If a pink stone has a slightly purple tone, its price may be slightly less than a diamond without such a tone. These are not specific comparisons but should give you an idea of how the pricing for the pink diamonds works.

Bigger diamonds are more valuable

When it comes to pink diamonds, a larger size is more desirable and is priced higher. If you plan to buy a .50 carat stone, it may cost around $50,000 whereas a 2-carat stone will sell around $500,000. So, keep your budget in mind when selecting the size of your pink diamond.

Pink diamonds are not as clear as colourless ones and it doesn’t matter

In case of colourless diamonds, clarity is an extremely important factor and the finish of the diamond determines its final price. The more sparkling the fit and finish, the better it is. That is not the case with pink diamonds. So, do not be concerned if the pink diamond seems a bit rougher than your last purchase of a colourless diamond. Also, colour has the tendency to hide flaws and no one will notice this inconsistency with a naked eye. Pink diamonds retail at a higher price for their colour and uniqueness and not fit and finish.

These tips should help anyone buy pink diamonds with utmost confidence. Remember, ignorance is never bliss when you are shopping for one of the most precious diamonds in the world.

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