Famous Pink Diamonds: The diamonds that can do it all

The innovative ways investment grade diamonds have been incorporated into collectable assets

No discussion about which coloured Argyle diamond is the most desirable for an investment portfolio is complete without beginning with the unobtainable. 

Gaining the world’s attention in 2011 for its outstanding 12.76 carats, the Pink Jubilee was the largest pink diamond ever dug out of the Western Australian Argyle pipe. For scale, that is slightly larger than the sapphire in Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Given how remarkable it is that a stone of this size managed to rise to the earth’s surface, it was a heartbreaking moment when, during the cutting and polishing process, an internal flaw running through the diamond brought the process to a halt so the stone would not fracture into a multitude of smaller pieces. So in 2012 Rio Tinto gave away the largest rough coloured diamond ever unearthed from the Argyle. Actually, in a gesture Rio Tinto has oft repeated with diamonds it has mined, they donated the Pink Jubilee to the Melbourne Museum shortly after the decision was made to stop faceting the astonishing diamond.

In retrospect, this donation was a fortuitous decision. With the Argyle mine terminating in 2020, the Jubilee remains the largest of the uniquely structured Australian pink diamonds, with a natural weight of 8.01 carats. The partially shaped Pink Jubilee diamond can be found in the Museum’s Dynamic Earth Exhibition.

Pink Diamonds

Image Credits: Museums Victoria

Creative ways to merge investment assets with diamonds

Okay, so the largest pink diamond in Australia’s history is held in the public domain, but several of its spectacular associates are sure to be ideal for your purposes. Keep in mind that it’s not just the remarkable Argyle pink, red or blue diamonds which have been offered at the invitation only Argyle Signature tenders that are available for purchase. And while the following are not always playing solo roles, this curation looks at a small sample of alternatives to single Australian coloured diamonds you could consider for your investment portfolio.

Someone, somewhere, sometime ago had the amazing idea of bejewelling coins. This positioning them as a piece of art has led to their eventual desirability for inclusion in investment portfolios. The Perth Mint has over 30 years history of creating limited edition collectable gold, silver and platinum coins of iconic Australia, as well as international events. It was only a matter of time before the Mint began celebrating all the rare things in their Western Australian way. By combining the attractive pink Argyle diamonds and precious metals with low mintages, they have attracted buyers across the world, resulting in sold out collectables.

Image Credits: The Perth Mint Australia

Perth Mint: Combining pop culture with rare minerals to create investment pieces

As with the Pink Jubilee, being flawed has never deterred lovers from the pursuit of a colourful Argyle diamond. The next beauties are sure to end up in the collection of a few cinephiles.

The Pink Panther Coins

Referencing both the enigmatic mischief maker and the fictitious Pink Panther, this limited run of eight 10oz pink gold – yes! pink gold! – ingots were produced by the Perth Mint, Western Australia in 2018.

Image Credits: Petra Gems

Each ingot depicts the infamous cool cat, the Pink Panther, helping himself to an equally enigmatic pink Argyle diamond, while the reverse story suggests the prankster left a smaller diamond in its place.

The Pink Panther

Image Credits: The Perth Mint Australia

Retailing at AUD$64 355, each ingot sports a 4PP purplish pink diamond as the main player, and the description suggests that there is a choice between a 0.10ct or 0.11ct. The 0.05ct is embedded in a round brilliant cut relief, under the ingot’s serial number. At date of publication, this is listed as unavailable for purchase online at the Mint, so be sure to enlist the help of a reputable pink diamond investment broker to help you negotiate the best value for the asking price.

The Jewelled Tiger Coins

If like the Pink Panther, you are up for an adventure and coins suit your investment aesthetic, you could try tracking down a Perth Mint’s 18k rose gold ‘Jewelled Tiger‘.

Graced with a very obtainable AUD$2000 legal tender value, the cleverly realistic design of this coin lends itself to being prominently displayed and openly admired. Recreating the ambiguous figure illusion  – its a rabbit, no, its a duck!

Whether you see the proud tiger fiercely defending its territory or as a youthful cub inviting you to play, this astonishingly graceful 3D sculpture, striped with almost three carats of pave pink diamonds, poised on top of a 10oz gold coin has to be the most enviable of all investment pieces. 

The Jewelled Tiger Coins​

Image Credits: The Perth Mint Australia

Given an RRP of AUD$259,000 and considering that the only eight ever released SOLD OUT, this was a steal! You might want to hire a professional safari guide when you go searching for someone willing to part with it.

The Discovery Coin

The Perth Mint released many other Argyle pink diamond encrusted coins and ingots in 2018 but this one-of-a-kind stunner must be the most patriotic. Replicating the design of the historical ‘holey’ dollar and dump, it celebrates the spirit of luck and hope that epitomises the Australian settlement story.

Named ‘Discovery‘, this 2kg gold coin looks like an ironic pictorial ode to the dreams of the first gold rush prospectors doing it tough to make their fortunes in the goldfields of NSW. In Western Australia it depicts the diligence of the equally hardy ants keeping house for future generations, by taking out the…umm, mysterious Australian pink diamonds!

Famous Pink Diamonds: The diamonds that can do it all - Pink Diamond

Image Credits: The Perth Mint Australia

Two of the diamonds eventually unearthed from the Argyle and offered at an official invitation only Signature Argyle Tender are embedded on the ‘holey’ coin. The first, a 0.88 carat round brilliant pink diamond sits above the horizon as a salute to Australia’s sun drenched outback.

The second, a 1.02 carat emerald cut purplish pink diamond, is carried by an ant, a salute to the story of the initial discovery of these unusual diamonds on an anthill.

The centre, or ‘dump’ coin, is an Australian map where the final two 0.08ct diamonds are positioned at the site of first gold rush, the Ophir, in NSW; and in the north west of Western Australia for the source of Argyle diamonds – the Kimberleys region.

With a legal tender value of AUD$10,000, you could buy this one directly from the Mint for its asking price of AUD $2.48 million but it will only be a matter of time before the Sold Out flag is raised.

The Kimberley Treasure Coin

Discussing investment worthy Argyle diamond pieces is not complete without finally drawing your attention to the world’s first gold coin featuring a red Argyle diamond, the Kimberley Treasure. Weighing in at 1kg with a cool price tag of AUD$1 million it sold within 48 hours of being presented to the world market in July 2016. Synonymous with the Australian outback, the iconic big Red Kangaroo holds a 0.54ct red diamond from Rio Tinto’s Signature Tender Collection.

The Kimberley Treasure

Image Credits: The Perth Mint Australia

Choosing professional diamond investment specialists

If this curation has excited a passion for obtaining pink diamonds for your investment portfolio, it’s worth noting that most of these have already been purchased and obtaining one without the help of a professional pink diamond investment adviser could prove challenging.

Understanding the difference between certified and lasered Argyle coloured diamonds – which have been auctioned at exclusive invitation only Signature tenders –  and authenticated Argyle coloured diamond sold at auction in certified parcel lots is another reason why dealing with a professional will help you steer through viable investment alternatives as opposed to settling for a less than optimal investment pink diamond.

If you’re interested in learning more about investing in pink diamonds, you need to talk to the specialists at Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd. Submit and enquiry today or give our friendly team a call to get started on suring up your investment portfolio.

Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd are Australia’s largest supplier of Australian certified pink diamonds and have exclusive use of the Australian Pink Diamond Analytics program. This program is a data driven decision maker that tracks and statistically analyses the rarity, financial growth and value of all investment grade pink and blue diamonds. With this valuable information, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd can offer all clients an investment grade pink from $5,000AUD up. But, the highest growth diamonds, are the larger, stronger colour pinks starting from around $20,000AUD plus.


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