Famous Beautiful Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamonds first became known as the gems of kings in 17th century. It started with Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a famous merchant who spotted a 200-carat precious stone in one of the Indian jewel markets. Some historians tend to believe that that gem was the mother stone for the two biggest pink diamonds in the world: the Daria-i-Noor and the Noor-ul-Ain that are now both among Iranian Crown Jewels.

The great value of these alluring gems comes from their rarity as there are only a couple of places in the world where pink diamonds can be mined. Their uniqueness combined with their mysterious charm is spellbinding. And it is especially noticeable in rings adorned with pink diamonds. Here, we present you with a list of the most famous and beautiful pink diamond rings in the world.

The Sweet Josephine

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Back in the day, before the Sweet Josephine was sold at auction by Christie’s in Genève, the gem in this charming ring had no name. However, once it was acquired by its new owner, he decided to name this delightful jewel after his seven-year-old daughter Josephine. The gem is a fancy vivid pink diamond that weighed about 16 carats surrounded by the diamond twin-stripes. All these precious stones are encrusted on a size 6 ring crafted from platinum and gold. The ring was a part of an American private collection from 2000 until it was announced as a lot at an auction in 2015. Yet another remarkable feature of this ring is that its pink diamond is considered extremely rare and for the past 250 years only two similar gemstones were sold publicly.

The Unique Pink

Another exceptional gemstone that was sold at the same Genève auction house is the Unique Pink. Unlike the Sweet Josephine, this piece has only the sole pink diamond in its frame. The gem is a drop of vivid, smooth, dew-like pink bonded to the ring; it is the largest pear-shaped diamond, with 15.38 carats, ever sold in this auction house. This ring also took laurels of the record sale price for a pink diamond that had belonged to the Sweet Josephine when it was sold for $31.6 mil.

The Raj Pink

Famous Beautiful Pink Diamond Rings - Pink Diamond

An absolutely stunning gem, the Raj Pink was already something unique when it was discovered in 2015. It was studied for a year before it was handed to a master jeweller who illuminated its beauty by mounting it upon a ring. This precious stone is a charming, fancy intense pink – a hue rare for a diamond of this weight. The Raj Pink is one of the biggest pink diamonds in the world, weighing in at 37.3 carats. Sotheby’s auction house estimated its value as $20-$30 million on pre-sale but failed to sell it at this price. The Raj Pink was named by its current owner who wishes to stay anonymous.

The Graff Pink

Until 2010, the Graff Pink was hidden from the public eye in the private collection of the Harry Winston company. It was brought to light at a Christies’ auction where the diamond was sold at the remarkable price of $46 million. This made the Graff Pink the most expensive single jewel sold on a public auction and it held this title until 2017. The buyer was a famous English jeweller Laurence Graff. Graff, as an experienced jeweller, saw a bigger potential in this gem so he re-cut and re-polished it. This risky move caused a loss of weight to the gemstone, from 24.78 carats to 23.88, yet this new rectangular cut allowed the stone to shine as a truly flawless vivid pink gem.

The Pink Star


The diamond that was first called Steinmetz Pink was mined in South Africa back in 1999. It had an enormous weight of 132.5 carats in the rough, however by the time it landed on the ring it had been re-shaped to 59.60 carats. Jewellers took extra caution and 20 months to cut the diamond to its final shape. As a result of their work, the largest vivid pink diamond in the world was born. Many experts have noted this jewel as the rarest, most spellbinding, and the most precious stone ever seen. On April 4th 2017, this ring was auctioned off at a cosmic price of $71.2 million setting the new world record – leaving the Graff Pink behind.

The Pink Promise

Unlike other rings from our list, the Pink Promise includes more than one pink diamond. A circular-cut fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 14.93 carats is mounted in the centre of a platinum ring. The edge of the ring is encrusted by smaller pink diamonds so that the whole face of the ring is comprised of precious gems. Before 2013, the Pink Promise weighed 16.21 carats and was a bit cloudier in colour. However, its original owner, jeweller Stephen Silver, cut down the areas of inclusion after years of planning – and it brought out the diamond’s outstanding hue. In November 2017, the Pink Promise was sold at a Hong Kong auction house for an outstanding price of $31,861,000. This deal held the new world-record of $2,175,519 per carat for a pink diamond before the Pink Legacy set a new one in 2018.

The Pink Legacy

The diamond of great size and unbelievable colour, the Pink Legacy is one of the few of its kind on the Earth. With a weight of almost 19 carats, it has astonishing purity and brightness. The Pink Legacy’s almost unique brilliance and cleanliness of hue are due to its chemical composition. This gem has practically no trace of nitrogen, and less than 2% of all diamonds can boast these levels of purity. On November 13th 2018, the Pink Legacy was sold by Christie’s. The ring came into possession of the Harry Winston company and was promptly renamed the Winston Pink Legacy. The price for a final bid was $50,375,000 which set a new record per carat for a pink diamond.

Even a single glance at these gems is enough to understand why they are so popular and desirable. These truly alluring and charming jewels are comparable to the works of art created by mother nature and finished by a human hand.

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