Everything You Need to Know About Natural Red Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most popular and rarest gemstones today. The beauty and shine of real and pure diamonds is so unique it makes them highly desirable. They are most often wanted for engagement rings. What some people don’t know is that diamonds come in almost all colours that you can imagine. Yellow is the most common, making them the least pricey.

On the other hand, red diamonds are the rarest, which means they are the most expensive of all. Coloured diamonds of any hue are scarce, so the number of natural red diamonds is very limited. The clarity, carat, and cut of diamonds signify the quality of a diamond. Still, it is the purity and intensity of red diamonds that make them more valuable.

Captivating Facts about Red Diamonds

There’s much to know about red diamonds – where they come from, how they get their colour, and so much more. Their rarity makes them more intriguing than other coloured diamond. Know more information this extremely uncommon diamond.

1. Their atomic structure causes the redness of red diamonds.

Red diamonds are quite magnificent, and their rare colour adds to their mysterious look. Unlike other diamonds which get their colour from nitrogen and other chemical elements, red diamonds are made of pure carbon. The colour can be attributed to the gem’s atomic structure on account of its irregular lattice is a result of its formation. It bends light differently, giving the diamond a red colour. The intensity of the colour is highly desired. That’s why people seek dark red diamonds more than those that are almost pink. Their scarcity makes them even more precious than other coloured diamonds.

Light is an essential factor, which explains why the diamond’s colour intensity varies in different lighting environments. They seem to look their best in natural lighting and candlelight, while fluorescent white light makes them look less desirable. Usually, the stronger the redness is the higher its value.

2. Red diamonds are the most expensive diamonds there are.

Red diamonds are known to be the most expensive diamonds in the world. Still, not everyone can accurately guess their price range. Their rarity makes them more valuable and desired among collectors and affluent families. The famous 0.95c Hancock Red Diamond was owned by the collector Warren Hancock. He sold it for $880,000 in 1987, earning himself a nice profit as he only paid $13,500 when he bought it in 1956. It is comparatively small, but the colour is distinct.

Another red diamond that cost a fortune is the 5.11ct Moussaieff Red Diamond, which is the largest red diamond in the world at present. One of the most recent entered in public auction, it sold for $8 million in 2001. Keep in mind that these prices do not account for inflation yet, so they are worth much more today.

3. Natural red diamonds can only be found in a handful of locations.

Although there are many diamond mines in the world, red diamonds can only be mined in specific locations, including Southern Africa, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and Indonesia. When it comes to the diamond industry, the Argyle mine is the leading supplier of coloured diamonds. The mine site spans about 124 acres. As the fourth-largest diamond-producing mine in the world, its annual production is about 8 million carats.

red diamonds mined in australia

The diamonds that they find are unique, and these precious stones are of high quality and grade. They are known to produce over 90% of the world’s supply of pink and red diamonds. In all the pink diamonds that have ever been mined in Argyle, only around 1% has been certified as pure red diamonds.

4. Red diamonds are graded differently.

The way red diamonds are graded further sets them apart from other diamonds. Coloured diamonds are usually graded according to the level of intensity and whether the colour is ‘vivid’ or ‘intense’. When it comes to red, however, the hues have a different and much larger range. The saturation and tone of the red colour matter a great deal. Red is a colour and intensity on its own. As such, it cannot merely be classified as dark pink and has a different grade.

Red diamonds also have secondary colours that include shades like purple, brown, and orange. Because of this, pure red diamonds that don’t have any secondary tints are much more valuable. Under poor lighting conditions, amateurs can mistake red diamonds for dark pink ones. Even though it is but a small difference, it can vary the price range a lot.

5. There are no perfect alternatives for natural red diamonds.

Natural red diamonds are scarce, only approximately 30 stones are documented to exist. Even less than that number have been sold. Because they are highly expensive, people look for other options. Lab-grown and enhanced red diamonds are cheaper than natural red diamonds, but still more costly than other natural coloured diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally-friendly, and they are produced in a laboratory by simulating the processes that form a natural red diamond are simulated.

With enhanced red diamonds, lab-grown diamonds of other colours or even natural white diamonds are treated to change the lattice structure. The desired colour can then be achieved by heating the stone. These human-made diamonds still cannot hold a candle to natural red diamonds. Their difference with natural diamonds that went through geological processes is noticeable.

Investing in Natural Red Diamonds

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