Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Why Oval cut diamonds are a great choice, and what to consider when buying one

Packed with fire and brilliance, oval diamonds are unique and exquisite in terms of looks. In the pink diamond world, the oval shape is considered fancy. Its elongated structure makes the diamond appear far larger than any other shape with similar carat weight.

The slender cut of an oval-shaped diamond provides for a slender and beautiful look. That is why most buyers seek these diamonds to make their fingers and hand appear slimmer when being worn as an engagement ring. The shape of the diamond is without any sharp corners, which makes it less prone to catching on clothes or surfaces.

For someone who loves round designs but with a hint of character, the oval diamonds work perfectly. You get the stunning look of round cuts while keeping the price lower.

Oval-shaped Diamonds: History

Oval cut diamonds can be traced back as far as the early 1300s. However, they weren’t described in literature until the 1800s. In 1957, Lazare Kaplan – a diamond cutter based in Russia – perfected the process of making oval cut diamonds. He had a knack for modifying rough diamonds into gorgeous pieces. His technique improved over time and ranks consistently among the most popular shapes chosen by diamond buyers.

Oval-shaped Pink Diamond Settings

The oval-shaped pink diamonds tend to be versatile, meaning that they tend to look amazing regardless of the setting being used. However, you could choose a diamond setting with 4 – 6 prongs that helps showcase the exact shape of this diamond. Oval shaped pink diamonds look fantastic when placed within bezel settings.

Some oval cut engagement rings, especially those with 3 or 5 stones tend to feature 4 – 6 prong design for the centre diamond along with the bezel setting that holds the diamonds on the side together.

Talking about the style – the oval cut design can be used in almost every setting, starting from side stone to vintage cut. However, the oval cuts look especially amazing in certain styles, such as:

Cut Quality: Oval Shape Pink Diamonds

The most critical element for any pink diamond is its cut quality. This impacts the basic structure and beauty of the diamond while offering fire and brilliance. Given their elongated, fancy shape – almost every oval-shaped diamond has what is known as the bowtie effect. This is a dark space that stretches all across the centre of the diamond in a bowtie shape. Diamonds without this are the most highly sought after.  You may not be able to find a flawless diamond, but a good cut will go a long way to diminishing any flaws. Additionally, the length-width ratio for the diamond should ideally be 1.30 to 1.50 for the most vibrant appeal. Make sure you pick the cut over carat when it comes to oval-shaped pink diamonds.

How to buy the best oval-shaped pink diamonds?

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Oval-Shaped Diamonds - Oval-Shaped Diamonds