Emerald-shaped Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Emerald-Shaped Diamonds

When shopping for pink diamonds, selecting the right cut can sometimes be a little tricky. For some, the classic rectangular cut could do the trick, while others seek the perfect square to deck up their engagement rings.

Among the favourite cuts of diamond lovers all around the world is the classic emerald cut. This cut flaunts a rectangular, elongated shape with a chiselled variant of step cuts. It also comes with a straight variant of linear facets that are generally arranged in a parallel pattern down the diamond.

Most diamond sellers tend to crop out the corners of the emerald cut to add stability and prevent any possibility of fractures. This particular cut provides deep clarity along with a large table on the surface. Not just that, the long-form step-cut offers optimum reflection in terms of white as well as coloured light. Emerald shapes are primarily available in a rectangular cut, but it can be obtained in a square shape as well.

Best Emerald Cut Setting for Pink Diamond

The cut fits particularly well with several different styles. However, it fits most perfectly within an understated setting. The emerald shape complements the solitaire and simple pave setup. It is the perfect cut if you are going for the 3-stone setting.

Length/Width-Emerald Shape Diamond

While there is no particular set parameter for the ideal form of the emerald cut, there is a recommend range. When it comes to the length/width ratio, you need to go for the intended shape, which could either be square or rectangular. If your diamond has a length of 6mm with 4mm width, then you should choose length/width ratio 1.50.

If you are going for the classic form of rectangular variant Emerald Cut, the ratio will range somewhere between 1.30 and 1.60. Most pink diamond buyers go for the classic 1.50 ratio for that perfect cut.

Colour Choice for Emerald Shape Diamond

Similar to clarity, colour also plays a critical role when investing in the perfect emerald cut. The step cuts and large table helps retain the brilliance allowing you to see the diamond’s natural colour. In order to get the best returns on your pink diamonds, you need to go for the stones with the best hue. Depending on your personal preference, you can go for a pale pink tint to one on the darker end of the palette.

Why is Emerald Shape Diamond right for you?

When it comes to emerald shaped diamonds, there are several benefits. Let’s talk about the pricing first – If you are on a budget, the emerald cut might be the best choice for you. It has a lower price tag per carat compared to other shapes and it has an understated yet elegant appearance, making it perfect for engagement or wedding rings. Better yet, emerald-shaped pink diamonds can be found more easily than other cuts.

How to buy the best emerald shaped diamonds?

If you are looking for an elegant and uniquely cut pink diamond, the emerald cut is just what you need. It is a phenomenal option for the ones that desire a diamond that looks large without having to pay a substantial sum for the same.

Given the fact that emerald-shaped diamonds need careful inspection in terms of the cut quality, it is recommended that you go for an expert opinion. At Argyle Diamond Investments, we provide you access to the best-coloured diamonds in terms of shape and brilliance from our emerald cut collection. So, invest today!