Diamond Clarity VVS2

VVS2 Diamonds – A Mid-Clean Gem with the Highest Clarity Grade

In the diamond industry, VVS2 diamonds are known as ‘mind -clean’ because of their superb sparkle. This clarity grade offers the best value and ensures you do not have to compromise with the diamond’s brilliance. Before moving ahead with the purchase of a VVS2, you should know what this clarity grade is all about, it will have a huge impact on the overall look of your ring.

What is VVS2 Diamond Clarity Grade?

Known as ‘very, very slightly included’, VVS2 diamonds have a very high clarity rating, which is almost near perfect. Diamonds with a VVS2 clarity grade have inclusions that are impossible to view with the naked eye. Even for the trained gemmologist, it is hard to detect the inclusions under 10X magnification. When you set the VVS2 diamond in your engagement ring, you won’t see them. It might be happening due to the presence of rough crystals in nature. One of the exceptional things to see in this clarity grade is that it will always be eye-clean.

Is VVS2 Clarity Grade better than VVS1 Clarity Grade?

VVS1 and VVS2 are sub-categories of VVS diamonds. It is really hard to detect the inclusions in both these grades with the naked eye. Both the clarity grades offer an eye -clean stone. The only difference can be seen under magnification. Diamonds that are graded as VVS1 are visible from the pavilion view, and diamonds that are graded as VVS2 are visible from the top view. This means that there is a minor difference between both the clarity grades. If you are still confused about making the right decision, then you can directly communicate with an experienced diamond grader, such as Argyle Diamond Investments. They will help you pick the right clarity and look for your diamond engagement ring.

VVS1 & VVS2: Which Is More Expensive?

There aren’t big differences between the VVS1 and the VVS2 diamonds. But, when it comes to investing, you may have to pay different prices. The cost all depends upon which clarity grade you decide to go with. VVS2 diamonds are expensive as compared to VVS1 diamonds due to their higher clarity, but they are more affordable than FL and IF. On the other hand, VVS1 is more expensive than all other grades. The actual amount you have to pay for your diamond is dependent on various factors like colour, cut, and weight of the diamond.

Is It Worth Buying A VVS2 Diamond?

Diamonds of the VVS2 clarity grade are extremely clean. If you are a kind of a purist and aim to purchase an eye-clean diamond, then it is worth buying a VVS2 diamond. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who has no budget to buy a VVS2 diamond, then you can consider a VS1 or a VS2 diamonds. It all depends upon your personal preferences and needs.

It is important to note that clarity is not the only major factor to look for when buying a diamond for your ring. There are also many other factors like cut, weight, and colour that contribute towards the overall appearance and beauty of diamonds. Whatever you buy, you should make sure never to compromise the cut quality.

Tips for Buying VVS2 Diamonds

When you go shopping for VVS2 diamonds, ask the vendors to provide you with AGS certifications and additional information about the diamond. This certification ensures that the diamond you are purchasing is genuine and the classification meets what is advertised. Always purchase from the best most reputable diamond vendors and dealers to ensure a legitimate sale and a genuine diamond.

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Diamond Clarity VVS2 - Diamond Clarity