Diamond Clarity VVS1 – Nearly Close to Perfect Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Diamond Clarity VVS1

On the diamond clarity scale, a clarity of VVS1 is situated in the top-tier grades. Being nearly close to perfect, diamonds with a VVS1 grade are suitable to buy if you are looking for diamonds with better clarity. However, before making any decision, you must know about VVS1 Diamond clarity in detail. By having a better understanding of diamonds with a VVS1 clarity, you can make an informed decision.

What are VVS1 diamonds?

Abbreviated from Very, Very Slightly Included, a VVS1 diamond will have extremely small, clean inclusions that are often undetectable even under 10x magnification. This diamond clarity ranks higher to a VVS2 and is nearly close to an Internally Flawless diamond. When compared to a FL or an IF clarity graded diamond, a VVS1 offers better value and holds good appeal to many in th market for an investment.

The inclusions present in VVS1 diamonds can’t be seen with the naked eye, and sometimes becomes difficult to detect under 10x loupe. The common inclusions in a VVS1 diamond can be a pinpoint, needle, or cloud, any of which may only be visible through the pavilion. This means it might only be visible to an extensively experienced eye. These may not be seen when looked at from the side or the top of the diamond. This is called ‘eye clean’. Even the dust that collects on a diamond when you wear it is more visible than the tiny inclusions that are present in a VVS1 diamond.

Does a VVS1 grading enhance a diamond’s beauty?

Absolutely not! There is no principle that states a diamond with better clarity makes the diamond more beautiful or increases its sparkle more. Although a VVS1 diamond is valued higher when compared to a VVS2, diamond clarity is not the only factor that affects the dazzle of a diamond; the cut also plays a significant role. Hence, if the cut quality of a VVS2 is better than the VVS1 you have found, then you might decide to purchase the VVS2 clarity diamond instead. However, it all depends on your personal choice. No matter whether you choose a diamond with a higher clarity rating or a better cut quality, both will be less expensive when contrasted  against a flawless diamond.

What is the difference between VVS1 and VVS2 clarity diamonds?

Both VVS1 and VVS2 come under the category of VVS diamonds that hold more value as compared to IF and FL diamonds. Being eye clean, these are comparable to perfect diamonds. VVS diamonds are the ones with tiny imperfections that are not visible with the naked eye. It is found that VVS2 diamonds tend to have multiple pinpoint inclusions, whereas VVS1 diamonds typically have one pinpoint and are natural.

If we talk about the price factor, then there is a big difference between VVS grades. The VVS1 diamonds are more expensive than all other grades. Whether you are interested in buying VVS1 diamonds or VVS2, make sure they have been graded by an accredited organization, gemologist or jeweller.

Is it good to go with diamonds of VVS1 clarity grade?

It all depends on your personal preferences. Some people desire to have VVS1 clarity diamonds because they offer better quality and are nearly equal to flawless diamonds. On the other hand, for some people, it is a bad deal as they’re priced higher due to their purity.

However, it is a fact that the diamonds with higher than a VS2 clarity grade won’t have inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye. Hence, if you know how to choose a diamond with a high quality cut, then you may find better value in investing in a beautifully cut diamond than an eye clean diamond with a hefty price tag.

Our motive is not to turn you against the VVS1 diamonds. The choice is always up to you. All you need is to look for the diamond with the highest clarity rating you can comfortably afford. As the diamond’s appearance is largely dependent on its cut quality and facet proportions, make sure to keep these factors in your mind.

If you are still not sure which diamond clarity is best for you, then you can take the help of an expert gemologist, such as Argyle Diamond Investments. They will help you find the diamond that fits your purposes and your budget.

Diamond Clarity VVS1 – Nearly Close to Perfect Diamonds - Diamond Clarity

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