Diamond Clarity VS2

Everything you need to know about Diamond Clarity VS2

Purchasing a diamond needs to be taken seriously, due to the huge cost involved. The price of pink diamonds is on the higher side and as such, extra care must be taken to ensure that you are getting the best value for money on your investment. To judge if the stone is actually worth the price you are paying, you need to take a closer look at its cut and clarity. Practically, the fewer the blemishes and inclusions, the better the clarity grade is. The clarity impacts the value of a diamond to a great extent.

What is VS2 Diamond Clarity?

The term VS refers to ‘Very Slightly’. VS diamonds are very slightly included. VS clarity grading is used for diamonds that have a higher number of noticeable flaws under magnification but that predominantly can’t be usually seen with the naked eyes. VS2 or ‘very slightly’ classifications (up to 2nd-degree diamond clarity) is considered the most popular solitaire quality, as the diamond may have small microscopic inclusions, but in the majority of the cases, these inclusions are not visible unless using a 10x or higher magnification for observation. These inclusions are normally noticed in the centre or on the sides of the diamond. The VS range of diamonds is known to offer the best balance between purity and price.

The difference between VS1 and VS2 diamonds

Practically, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between a VS2 and a VS1 diamond without the use of a 10x loupe. Both the grades are somewhere in the middle of the diamond clarity scale. So, what makes them different?

When If you compare them, VS1 clarity diamonds will have fewer and smaller inclusions compared to VS2 clarity diamonds. However, these inclusions are very tough to detect. Compared to VS1 diamonds, VS2 diamonds are known to have inclusions in more visible places like in the centre of the diamond or on the top.

To normal people, both the grades may look flawless with the naked eyes. Such differences can only be noticed with a jeweller’s loupe. When the flaws of a diamond are not visible with the naked eyes, it’s called ‘eye-clean’. Both the VS1 and VS2 diamonds tend to be eye-clean.

How to purchase an authentic VS2 -clarity pink diamond?

Pink diamonds get this their beautiful colour from the physical deformities and chemical impurities in their structure. Most of the pink stones are derived from a single place in Australia – the Argyle mine. Natural pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive coloured stones.

While purchasing a pink diamond, there are some basic rules you need to keep in mind.

Why are VS2 Diamonds safe to buy?

At times, you will come across eye-clean diamonds lower than VS2 in terms of clarity, but they may not be safe to purchase. A VS2 clarity grade is generally the safest option. It is known to offer the ultimate value for the money as people won’t be able to see the small inclusions with their naked eyes.

Where to buy?

To evaluate the clarity of a diamond, it is essential to take a very close look at the stone. You need to carefully notice if the diamond has visible blemishes and inclusions with the naked eyes. But, when you make your purchase from any of the reputed merchants like Argyle Diamond Investments, you can trust the quality of their gems.

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