Diamond Clarity SI1

Everything you need to know about Diamond Clarity SI1

Argyle pink diamonds with an SI1 grading are a popular choice among buyers. They are comparatively affordable compared to similar coloured diamonds with higher clarity. Let’s take an in-depth look into the aspects that help a pink diamond qualify for the SI1 category in terms of clarity. 

SI1 and the clarity grading system

The Slightly Included or SI diamond clarity grade sits fifth in a six-grade scale and is further classified into – SI1 and SI2 (incorporating SIAV). The clarity grading system used by Argyle melds the GIA and the International Clarity Scale.

What does SI1 clarity mean

SI1 stands for Slightly Included 1. Pink diamonds that are a part of this particular clarity will have inclusions that can be easily seen using a magnifying device at 10x magnification. SI1 is the highest grade of the variants in the SI grade. 

The difference between SI1 and SI2 clarity

SI1 pink diamonds come with small inclusions; however, they will be noticeable under a magnifying device. The lower grade variant, SI2, has inclusions that are marginally larger.

Depending on the angle from which you are looking at the pink diamond, this visibility can change so it is worth knowing how to read a diamond plot. This is a map of the internal and external flaws of an individual gem from a reputable diamond lab. If you are planning to mount the diamond in jewellery, you might have more freedom to select a SI1 diamond over a higher grade, if it has near perfect table (top) views despite any inclusions visible from the side.  

What should you avoid with SI1 clarity diamonds?

When purchasing SI1 graded diamonds, there are certain points worth raising so you avoid mistakes. In most instances, the type, size, frequency and location of any inclusion has an influence on the final value of a SI1 pink diamond.

For example, if the diamond carries a single massive inclusion or ‘cloud’, passing it over will save you time. A cloud consists of large clusters that look like pins pointing out.  Normally, if a diamond comes with a cloud that affects the diamond’s grade, it might look milky or hazy. This leads to a washed out look in the diamond. Inclusions with a cloudy appearance have a strong effect on how the light will pass through the diamond. Usually, the light will not reflect well and that makes the pink diamond look dull in colour and shine which will reduce the value of the investment.

When investing in a diamond, it is best done in person. If that is not possible, find with a dealer using high-quality photos or 3D imagery software as a starting point. Keep in mind that a photograph cannot capture the subtleties of clarity but it is useful as a research tool.

When purchasing an Argyle pink diamond, always make sure that the inclusion, if present, is a variant that carries just one feather. Consider pink diamonds with twinning wisps or smaller streak imperfections. Remember, when shopping for an authentic SI1 diamond, you need to ask the seller about the exact grading. Ensure that it definitely is a SI1 and not a SI2.

Investing in an Argyle pink diamond with SI1 clarity

Argyle diamonds come with high-investment returns and often flaunt minimal inclusions. If you still have questions, book an appointment with an expert diamond consultant. An experienced consultant will answer any questions you have, lead you to a few you didn’t know you needed to know, and search for diamonds on your behalf to meet your ultimate goal. A consultant can personally review a diamond, and authenticate reports on clarity grading as well as other important details.

When it comes to selecting an authentic SI1 clarity graded pink diamond, you can always trust Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd with your research. Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd is premier among the reputed diamond dealers helping investors to purchase rare pink Argyle diamonds.

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