Diamond Clarity P3

What are P3 diamonds, and what does that mean for a great investment diamond?

We have now arrived at the end of the list, where we discuss the P3 diamond grade. This particular clarity grade for diamonds is the lowest in the list for a few good reasons. Clarity describes the cleanliness of diamonds when seen with the naked eye, as well as under magnification. There are multiple characteristics present inside the diamonds such as cavities, cracks, crystals trapped within, rough diamond ski, and so on. These visible blemishes within a diamond are known as inclusions. 

The P3 grade diamonds are the poorest quality diamonds when it comes to clarity or investment options. For that reason, it is generally advised that you steer clear of these stones. While they might be the perfect option for someone who is looking for diamonds only for personal use or aesthetic purposes, you should definitely avoid them if you’re looking for investment. 

How can you identify P3 clarity diamonds?

P3 diamond grade will no doubt bring you some of the biggest diamonds in terms of size, but you might have to let go of the quality factor. If you happen to purchase these diamonds, you will invest in stones that are made up of 50 to 70 percent inclusions.

In simple terms, the higher the inclusions in your stone, the lower the amount of light passing through the diamonds. With the P3 clarity diamonds, you might not get your hands on the shiniest stones, but they can be the perfect option for someone searching for a great deal. The P3 gives you access to diamonds that are higher in weight, but lower in clarity. These stones may still look beautiful set as jewellery or other design purposes. 

What is the difference between P2 clarity and P3 clarity diamonds?

Given that P3 clarity stones fall into the lowest clarity grading, they aren’t as good to look as those in the P2 grade. With the P3 grade clarity, you will get the highest number of inclusions, which include black streaks, or cloudy white presences. These issues are clearly visible without the need of a magnification tool. So, it is generally advised by investment advisers that you try and opt for the diamonds that fall into the higher clarity grading positions. With the diamonds in the S1, VSI, or VVS1 grading categories, you will surely get a worthwhile return on your investments. However, you cannot expect the same with the P3 clarity diamonds. 

How to buy the P3 clarity diamonds?

While it is better if you avoid the P3 diamonds, the decision is entirely yours. If it is for personal purposes, most buyers seek diamonds that have been sourced ethically. They generally opt for larger diamonds with inclusions as opposed to the ones with no inclusions but small size. Picking a diamond that is eye clean as opposed to a flawless diamond will give you the best value for money when it comes to personal uses. Unless you are specifically looking for something for investment for future returns, the grading might not even matter as long as it is clean and beautiful to look at.

However, a P3 diamond might not fall under the eye-clean category. So, it is safe to say that the P3 grade is something you should stay away from for the most part. Apart from that, you need to look for the diamond cut when buying a diamond. Certain cut types, such as Asscher or the emerald cut, will fail to mask the inclusions. If you are seeking stones with properly masked inclusions, it is advised that you go for brilliant-cut P3 stones.

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Diamond Clarity P3 - Diamond Clarity P3