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Learn About Diamond Clarity p1

Diamonds with a P1 clarity grade are among the most common on the market. P1 diamonds have internal inclusions that are difficult, which explains why these diamonds are so widespread – but what exactly does this grading mean?

What does P1 clarity mean?

The clarity of a diamond is measured based on its size and the position of the imperfections located within it, as well as on its surface. Diamond clarity grades start at the highest quality grades of LC or IF, which stands for Loupe Clean and Internally Flawless. Diamonds in this category have zero inclusions even under intense magnification and are incredibly rare. The lowest clarity grade a diamond can be given is P3, and diamonds with this grade will have large and highly visible inclusions that interfere with brilliance, making them worth much less on the market.

P1 diamonds have the best clarity within their P grade category, followed by P2 and P3. 

The P grade is divided into three sub-grades, according to the magnitude of the flaws as well as the location of the imperfection. This grading system was created by the World Jewellery Confederation and the letter P here stands for the word ‘Pique’. The GIA – Gemological Institue of America – has devised an alternative grading system that is used far more widely today by jewellers and other gem associations. 

How to identify P1 clarity pink diamonds

Most P1 diamonds above 6PP or 6PR are eye-clean due to the strength of the saturation masking the inclusions.

The most recognisable difference between P1 grade diamonds and diamonds in the P2 and P3 category is the visibility and quantity of inclusions. If you happen to notice a tiny black-coloured spot or any other similar imperfection, the chances are that you are looking at a P1 diamond. Diamonds with exceptionally large inclusions or higher quantities will be put into P2 and P3 grades instead. 

How is P1 clarity better than P2 or P3?

P1 is the top grade when it comes to clarity, when you compare P1, P2 and P3 graded diamonds. A P2 pink diamond has bigger and more visible inclusions when compared to a P1 diamond. 

P3 stones come with flaws or inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. They might also impact the structural integrity of your stone. 

The P1 clarity scams

Some shady sellers might try to sell you P1 diamonds as SI3 diamonds. If you take a close look at the G.I.A grading scale, you’ll notice that there’s no such thing as an SI3 rating – the rating system ends at SI2.

Given the fact that SI3 is much better than P1, some sellers might try to scam you into buying a P1 diamond at a higher price. 

The lesson: purchase pink diamonds from reputable sellers!

How to choose a P1 clarity diamond

The P1 clarity pink diamond is the perfect option for people on a budget. When buying a pink stone, keep in mind that the bigger the diamond, the more noticeable inclusions it is likely to have.

So, if you are shopping for a P1 clarity pink diamond, you should try to find smaller stones to minimise the visibility of the inclusions. Another important factor to consider is the diamond cut, especially if you’re planning to purchase a diamond with low clarity.

Generally, a pink diamond with proportional cuts will allow more light to enter the stone and ensure better reflection. This results in more sparkle, better brilliance and lower visibility of the inclusions or flaws. In any case, avoid poorly cut pink diamonds.


P grade diamonds work well for your jewellery intentions – where possible, stick to P1 grade diamonds. 

As you downgrade to the P2 or P3 range, the inclusions start becoming highly visible, while also making the stone feeble and prone to chipping or cracking. 

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Diamond Clarity P1 - Diamond Clarity P1