Current Value of Pink Diamonds

Why it’s time to invest in pink diamonds

The Argyle pink diamonds have been, and will always be, a gem symbolising romantic luxury. Even with the Argyle mine’s imminent closure, pink diamonds will remain as among the world’s most collectible gem. Part of natural pink diamond’s allure is its significant value which makes for an immensely rewarding investment.

Its value changes from time to time — but always climbing up the market prices. As of this writing, these are the current value of pink diamonds. As time goes by, you will most likely find the value of these precious pinks has gone up.

Value According to Origin

Value According to Origin

The Argyle mine in Western Australia produces pink diamonds with the best colour saturation, hues, and tone. For this, the blushing Argyle gemstones command the highest price in the market compared with other pink diamonds mined from different locations. With an Australian certification, one is given the highest assurance of the natural pink diamond’s value.

Natural pink diamonds from the Argyle mine has greater value than non-Argyle pinks. As an example, these pair of earrings with 0.37 carat Argyle pink diamonds as the featured stone costs $26,800 (or around US$19,607). In comparison, these similar pair with non-Argyle 0.36 carat pink diamonds costs only $6,287 (US$4,600). This is a huge price variance, considering that their carats are not that much different.

Value According to Colour Intensity…

As any diamond enthusiasts know, the 4C’s are the biggest deciding factor of a diamond’s value. But when it comes to fancy coloured diamonds, the colour is its biggest price determinant. There are quite a few colours available in the diamond market, with pink being the rarest and undoubtedly the most coveted.

To evaluate the price and value of these rosy gems, diamond specialists assess the purity and intensity of colour. Pure pink with high colour saturation is extraordinarily rare. The more intense the colour, the rarer the diamond is — and therefore, more valuable.

These two natural fancy deep pink loose diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.11 are selling for $14,690 (or about US$10,747). Meanwhile, these ten natural light pink diamonds bearing a total weight of 0.5 carats was sold for $4,065 (or US$2,974). As we can see, the parcel of deep pink diamonds, with only a little over twice the carat weight of the other light pink diamond parcel, costs considerably more.

…and Secondary Hue

Most fancy coloured diamonds have at least one secondary colour. As mentioned earlier, pure pink diamonds are extremely rare and cost more. Pure pink diamond will highly likely set you back a few thousand dollars than one with a brownish or orangey undertone. This is not always the case, however.

A secondary hue of purple or red in pink diamonds will cause a big appreciation in its value. This is because the said hues are considered rare in natural pink diamonds, and are more aesthetically desirable. It is much harder to come by a purplish-pink diamond than a more common brownish pink diamond. For this reason, purplish-pink (or the even rarer reddish pink) diamonds will always cost more than the brownish (or orangey) pink diamonds.

This 0.54 carat heart-shaped Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond is selling for $382,094 (or US$279,550). In comparison, this 0.46 carat Fancy Deep Brown Pink Diamond, a pink champagne gemstone but looks less pink and more of brown, costs $25,307 (or US$18,515). With only 0.8 carat difference, that’s a steep price variance! That’s how secondary hue can drastically influence the price of pink diamonds.

Value According to Clarity

Value According to Clarity

The diamond’s clarity is determined by the number of inclusions it has, whether on the surface or inside. Owing to the way pink diamond’s lattice structure is formed, it is extremely rare to find one with high clarity (Flawless or Internally Flawless). These pink gemstones are commonly graded Slightly Included (SI).

These 0.1-carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamonds graded I (Included) costs $19,125 (or US$13,992). Bearing the same carat weight, these Fancy Deep Pink Diamonds, graded SI (Slightly Included), costs a little over a grand more at $20,150 (or US$14,742).

Flawless or included, natural pink diamond will always be a haunting beauty desired by many, whether as an investment or personal piece.

Value According to Carat

Value According to Carat

Carat is commonly thought of as the diamond’s size, but it actually represents the weight. Natural pink diamonds that are more than one carat are deemed extremely rare. A one carat pink diamond weighs only 0.2 grams.

These two pear-shaped natural pink diamonds are both internally flawless, but with substantial difference in their carat. This carat difference is reflected in their huge price variance. This 0.61 carat Light Pink Diamond sells for $16,299 (or US$11,925). This 1.58 carat Very Light Pink Diamond, by contrast, sells for $ 75,722 (or US $55,400).

Value According to Cut and Shape

Value According to Cut and Shape

A well-cut diamond is a well-formed one, and the best cut has the power to increase a stone’s value. The popularity of certain shapes, meanwhile, may also somehow influence the diamond’s price. In the case of the pink diamond’s shape, what’s trendy and fashionable is also what is in demand — and items with higher market demand cost more. As with any trend that comes and goes, the price may also change. With pink diamonds, the most popular shapes are heart and marquise.

This beautiful Marquise Argyle Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamond weighing 0.27 carat costs $46,267 (or US$$33,850). Bearing the same carat and characteristics (though non-Argyle), this Heart-Shaped Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamond sells for $23,031 (or US$16,850).

With the Australian mine closing soon, expect the value of these iconic, rare gems to shoot up. Take this opportunity of tremendous financial growth and invest in natural pink diamonds as soon as you can.

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